GLOW reaches milestone with the publication of 85 million copies

GLOW News   •   Sep 7, 2017

Ten years ago in 2007, two young adults asked a question: What if church members handed out literature every day wherever they go? Their answer: pocket-size pamphlets with colorful designs on a variety of topics. Literature that was easy to carry anywhere. Simple, yet powerful!

Two years later, a man in Denmark heard about GLOW and wanted the literature in Europe. A printer by trade, he offered to print the tracts for free. God provided translators. The word spread to young adults and the ministry was international.

The idea isn’t new. On November 18, 1848, Ellen White was shown in vision that her husband, James, should start a little paper. Like “streams of light,” it would eventually go “clear round the world.” Like the beginning of the Advent movement, GLOW’s small pocket-size tracts are going around the world.

Today, 85 million tracts with 41 titles in 60 languages for 45 countries have been printed.

In 2017, communication reaches the world through the information highway. It’s immediate. And it’s invisible.

Still, one GLOW tract, handed to one person, may be an introduction to Jesus, a guide to Scripture and eternal life. The Holy Spirit, immediate and invisible, has always been the communication between heaven and our world… one person to another.

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