Mission Trips to Large Events

GLOW News   •   Sep 7, 2017

President Ted Wilson and Yolanda Santos Martinez happily handing out GLOW on a wet afternoon.

“One of the most effective ways of sharing truth is through a pamphlet that can be carried easily and shared quickly,” Wilson said in an interview. “GLOW tracts are specializing in this and are helping church members to see many opportunities for sharing Jesus.”

The goal of GLOW

The goal of GLOW is to inspire every believer to hand out pocket- size tracts wherever they go. Now, a new distribution program that dramatically expands Giving Light to Our World has been added. For 10-day mission trips to large events, volunteers hand out hundreds and thousands literature tracts in crowds and to individuals. There have been 16 trips in the US, Europe and the first in an Arabic country. In seven trips, 1 million tracts were distributed at each site and include Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Salt Lake City, Utah for a large event of the Church of Jesus Christ for Latter-Day Saints, and 2 million in Romania and Ukraine.

For more information, visit www.glowmissiontrips.org.

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