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Best of Our Works

  • What’s Wrong With Grandpa?

    “What’s wrong with Grandpa?” three-year-old Daniel asked his Dad.  “Grandpa died,” his father gently told him. “Died?” asked Daniel. “Well,” Dad chose his words carefully, “Grandpa is sleeping, and he won’t wake up for a very long time.” While family and friends gathered at the graveside, Grandpa’s casket  was lowered into the ground. As family members shoveled dirt into the grave, Daniel grabbed his father’s…

  • Ancient Scrolls Discovered in Forgotten Caves

    In 1947 a shepherd boy named Mohammed ed-Dhib set off through the cliffs of the Judean wilderness in search of a wandering goat from his flock. As he climbed up the rugged terrain in search of the goat, he stumbled onto a cave. Curious about the depth of the cave, he tossed in a small…

  • Certainty in an Uncertain World

    If you could choose a single word to describe the mindset of this generation, what would it be? I would choose the word uncertainty. More people seem uncertain about the future than ever before. They are uncertain whether some senseless terrorist attack or hostile nation will suddenly snuff out their lives. They are uncertain about…

  • Secrets of Peak Mental Health

    David DeRose, MD, MPH, and Bernell Baldwin, PhD, neuroscientist In 1944, at the age of 16, Edith Eger was taken by the Nazis from her home in Hungary and sent to the infamous Auschwitz death camp. Although spared the gas chambers used on her parents, the already-thin Edith gradually wasted away as she was transferred…

  • America’s Top Killer

    Fifty-year-old Richard was the picture of health and a model citizen, a family man who was loved by his kids, his church and his community.  However, his influence abruptly ceased one Sunday morning when, without warning, he just dropped dead. As the family made funeral arrangements, they awaited a report concerning the mysterious cause of…

  • Beyond Religion

    Why do some products have that difficult plastic casing!? You bring home your latest gadget from the store. Upon taking it out of the bag, you have to wrestle with multiple layers of steel-like plastic to be able to even touch your new product. You try ripping the plastic with your hands, but you quickly…

  • Right Book at the Right Time

    When she placed the book in my hand, I reluctantly accepted it. I did not intend to read it, but to be polite, I even thanked her. I didn’t tell her, of course, that I already planned to throw it away once I got home. She smiled, encouraged me again to read the book, and…

  • Today’s 10 Commandments

    The first speeding ticket ever issued was given to a man named Walter Arnold of East Pekham, Kent in the U.K. on Jan. 28, 1896.  Arnold was ticketed for driving 8mph (13km/h) in a 2 mph (3.2 km/h) zone. The most expensive speeding punishment ever reportedly issued was to a father in Rotterdam, Netherlands who…

  • A Gift for You

    The phone call—the call everyone hoped for, and everyone dreaded—came at 2:00 am. “We have a heart for Brody*,” the voice said. Everyone hoped for the call because 12-year-old Brody had been on the heart transplant list for many days, and before long his condition would deteriorate to the point where he would no longer…

  • Am I good enough?

    Ryan grew up a religious person. Oh, yes, he enjoyed having a little fun here and there, a harmless practical joke now and then. Yet he regularly attended worship services. He married a lovely woman, and they sang beautifully together as she played the old piano. Mostly songs about God’s love. Their favorite said, “I’ve…

  • When Freedom Dies

    “With liberty and justice for all.” —from America’s National Pledge of Allegiance   On New York Harbor’s Liberty Island sits America’s grandest monument—the Statue of Liberty. Her message resounds in human hearts worldwide. Freedom. How precious! Yet sadly, one day freedom itself will be taken away by men, governments, and nations. Here’s how it will…

  • Can Dead People Talk?

    Are you a car or a computer? “That’s silly,” you say. “I’m neither. I’m a human being.” True enough, but let’s pursue the question anyway. Cars and computers have one thing in common with us humans: we all need intelligence in order to function properly. However, cars don’t have an intelligence of their own. A…

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